DIN Globe Straight Valve GGG.40

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Hot and cold water, superheated water; Steam, superheated steam systems, Pressurized air, Fluid excluding acid & non flammable fluids, Sea water 

Product CodeDIN 3202 F1
Ürün AdıDIN Globe Straight Valve 
Material CodesGGG40
DesignDIN 3202 F1
Flange and Their JointsTS ISO 7005-2 BS EN 1092-2
Face to Face DimensionsTS EN 558-1 SERİ 1
TestsTS EN 12266-1
Working Temprature(-10 .... + 120)
PressurePN 16

Technical Drawing

Teknik Çizim


1BodyDuctile iron GGG40
2BonnetDuctile iron GGG40
3Seat  Special brass/SUS
4Disc  Stainless steel
5StemStainless steel - SUS


Product Code DNLDnxdC
DIN 3202 F115130954x1465
DIN 3202 F1201501054x1475
DIN 3202 F1251601154x1485
DIN 3202 F1321801404x18100
DIN 3202 F1402001504x18110
DIN 3202 F1502301654x18125
DIN 3202 F1652901854x18145
DIN 3202 F1803102008x18160
DIN 3202 F11003502208x18180
DIN 3202 F11254002508x18210
DIN 3202 F11504802858x22240
DIN 3202 F120060034012x22295